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Women in Leadership Course

Women in Leadership Course

This women in leadership course will give you cutting edge tools for powering up your leadership skills. Great leaders motivate, inspire and empower their teams however, often women in leadership positions face a number of challenges. Learn how to deal with those challenges and perform at your peak. Your role as a leader is to build a positive dynamic despite these challenges. Discover how to help team members buy into team goals while infusing them with confidence and motivation. Master tools for negotiating and inspiring peak performance. Gain hands‐on experience using relationship management and conflict resolution tools.

Learning Aims

Taking your leadership skills to a new level is a great career move. The skills you learn in this women in leadership course can be used to:

  • Avoid bad leadership habits which can diminish your power.
  • Be a strong, inspiring leader.
  • Prevent conflict and disagreement causing problems in your workplace.
  • Build great relationships with your team.
  • Overcome barriers to success at work.
  • Become a truly successful woman in leadership.

Learning Outcomes

You’ll come out of this women in leadership course with practical tools for making the most of your leadership role. Discover why women make great leaders. Hear what experts in leadership know about succeeding as a woman in a leadership role. Learn how to:

  • Apply key principles of leadership in ways which work for you.
  • Build a vision which will inspire your team to commit to their roles.
  • Use motivation models to power up performance.
  • Track and shift team dynamics.
  • Handle conflict and negotiate assertively.

Course Content

This women in leadership course will cover the following content:

Topic one: Introduction to leadership

Women in leadership roles face a range of challenges. Learn what it takes to be a great leader and why your leadership ‘style’ matters. Discuss a range of barriers to success which you may encounter as a female leader – and develop strategies for overcoming them.

Topic two: Mastering your leadership role

What does it take for women to experience success in leadership roles? In this section of the course, you’ll learn how to use five key behaviours to build credibility as a manager, supervisor or team leader. These behaviours are: building a vision; creating positive communication norms; motivating and inspiring performance; building positive team dynamics and managing conflicts and tough situations.

Topic three: Building team vision

Leadership involves defining the direction of your team and helping your people buy into a vision for the future. For women in leadership roles, the value of building team vision cannot be under emphasised. Try out a simple process for creating a compelling vision.

Topic four: Motivating your team

Watch an inspiring video on what it takes to motivate people in today’s workplace. Learn how to capitalise on autonomy, purpose and mastery in order to build motivation. Develop a personal action plan for building motivation levels in your own team.

Topic five: Creating positive team dynamics

The reason teams are so popular is that they are more efficient than solo workers. But that’s only true if healthy team dynamics exist. Women in leadership, of course, need to know how to eliminate dysfunctional team behaviours and promote positive team dynamics. In this section of the Women in Leadership training you’ll find out precisely how to do this.

Topic six: Managing crunch point conversations

You can’t be an effective leader if you avoid conflict. In this section of the training, you’ll learn a simple process for tacking tough conversations. Learn to adopt a win/win approach to conflict – so you can take a fair and assertive approach to the tough side of leadership.

Intended Audience

This women in leadership course is suitable for all managers, team leaders, supervisors and individuals wishing to enhance and develop their leadership skills. Participants will get the most from this course if they are:

  • Willing to contribute to group discussions.
  • Confident communicating verbally in English.
  • Comfortable participating in role play style activities.

Delivery Style

This women in leadership course will be delivered as an interactive workshop covering the why, what and how of leadership. You’ll learn through a variety of methods including:

  • Small group discussions.
  • Role plays or simulations.
  • Written exercises in which you will apply key concepts.
  • Question and answer sessions with the trainer.


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