Training Introduction to Wellsite

Training Introduction to Wellsite

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Training Introduction to Wellsite

Who Should Attend

Non-technical office personnel, accountants, administration, receptionists, etc. who have indirect contact with rig operations.

Course Objective

This short course aims to give an understanding of the rig, wellsite operations, personnel and equipment.


  • Brief Geology
  • Sedimentary rock types
  • Source, reservoir and cap rocks
  • Normal Operations: Drilling, tripping, casing and cementing, wireline, stuck pipe, waiting on weather, completion, etc.
  • Description of Equipment: Mast or derrick, rig floor, Kelly or top drive, mud pumps, mud pits, shaker, BOP,  monkey board, stabbing board, etc
  • Description of Drilling Personnel Roles: Toolpusher, bargemaster, driller, assistant driller, derrickman, roughneck, crane operator, roustabout/painter
  • Oil Company representatives and Service Company Personnel: Company man, geologist, mud engineer, mud logger, cementer, casing crew, directional driller, fisherman, wireline, H2S safety man.


3 days

Available on Request