This introductory-level course provides a comprehensive overview of international accounting and finance practices in the E&P industry. It is particularly suitable for finance personnel who are new to the oil and gas industry, or want to gain a broader understanding of oil and gas financial policy, joint venture and cost-control topic areas.


  • An overview of accounting policies and practices in the oil and gas industry

  • An introduction to managing project, development and operating costs

  • Understanding the accounting and financial management implications of exploring for and producing oil and gas

  • The background to financial issues like joint ventures that are unique to the E&P industry, and their accounting treatment


  • Finance staff new to the industry who require a grounding in the various specialist discipline areas that typically comprise an oil and gas company finance function

  • Finance personnel who are being developed for broader accounting and financial management responsibilities

  • Audit and information systems staff who have frequent dealings with financial controls and systems

  • Treasury and tax specialists who require a better understanding of E&P finance and accounting


  1. Accounting policies

  • How accounting policies influence the reporting of financial performance

  • Successful efforts and full-cost accounting

  • The use of reserve data in accounting calculations

  • How to calculate depreciation, depletion and amortisation (DD&A)

  • How to conduct an impairment test or ceiling test

  • How to account for decommissioning costs

  1. Joint-venture accounting

  • Understanding a joint-venture (JV) agreement

  • What a JV agreement states about accounting

  • How to prepare and process a cash call

  • Understanding JV billings – how to process a JV billing statement

  • How to allocate JV costs

  1. Cost control and analysis

  • Project and development costs

          -AFEs and cost estimating

          -how to control capital expenditures

  • How to estimate and control production operating costs

          -Fixed and variable cost analysis

          -Activity analysis

  • Drilling costs

          -how to prepare well cost estimates

          -how to control drilling expenditure

          -how to forecast drilling AFE costs

          -how to review well costs post completion


Dr. Hanifah SE.,Ak.,Msi, CA & Team / Drs. Arif Budiarto , M.Si, Akuntan & Team



  • 26-28 Januari 2015 Yogyakarta

  • 25-27 Februari 2015 Bandung

  • 25-27 Maret 2015 Jakarta

  • 27-29 April 2015 Balikpapan

  • 25-27 Mei 2015 Bali

  • 08-10 Juni 2015 Lombok

  • 27-31 Juli 2015 Pontianak

  • 26-28 Agustus 2015  Bandung

  • 28-30 September 2015 Jakarta

  • 28-30 Oktober 2015 Yogyakarta

  • 25-27 November 2015 Bali

  • 28-30 Desember 2015 Lombok

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