Boilers are often found in industrial utilization for both heaters, dryers, curing process, as well as energy generation. Boiler is a function of energy conversion engine converts the chemical energy of fuel into energy enclosed vessel where steam or combustion heat transferred to water until it becomes heated water (steam). Hot water at a certain pressure and then used for transferring heat to a process.

Having regard to utilization in industrial boilers, the boiler must be maintained serious impairment in function to damaged, which can result in loss of the company. This condition can not be achieved if not supported technically competent personnel.

To obtain competent technical personnel, the need for a comprehensive understanding of the procedure, the fundamental and technical aspects related to the operation and maintenance of the boiler. These capabilities can also help companies reduce down time and increase profits both in terms of production and longer engine life.


After this training, participants are expected to:

  • canexplainunderstandingandidentifyingthe types ofboilers

  • able to explain and apply the K3, and steam aircraft regulations, and the basics of K3 and P3K

  • can explain andisable to operate the boiler

  • can explain and be able to mention the function of the boiler equipment ande lectrical installations

  • can explain and plan for fuel and the combustion processing the boiler

  • can explain and be able to plan the boiler water filler and way of processing

  • can explain the performance/performance boiler

  • can explain and is able to conduct a review of the construction of the boiler

  • can explain and are able to apply knowledge of materials on boilers

  • able to explain and apply the heat transferin the boiler

  • can explain and be able to identify the causes of blasting

  • able to explain and analyze the damage and blasting accident in boiler

  • can explain and is able to perform boiler inspections and checks are not damaging

  • can explain and is able to perform repairs to the boiler



  1. Introduction(scope Boiler) Health and Safety

  2. Steamair legislation(Law no. 11970,Law and regulations steam1930,No.Permenaker. 01/Men/1988) Fundamentals ofK3andP3K

  3. How to operate Boiler

  4. Function and how instruments work Boilers

  5. Fuels, combustion processes, and Bunner

  6. Water kettlefiller and processing

  7. Performance/BoilerPerformance

  8. Boiler construction and materials knowledge

  9. Heat Boiler

  10. Boiler break down analysis

  11. Blasting Boiler

  12. Boiler inspection

  13. Boiler care



  • Mechanical,

  • ConstructionEngineer

  • Operators,

  • Technicians,

  • MaintenancePersonnelwhoINVOLVEDininstallation,

  • testing,

  • and maintenanceofboilers

  • Experiencedprofessionalswhowant torefreshtheirknowledgeoforBroadenboiler



Adri Maldi Subardjah, B.Eng.(Hons). MSc./ Team

  1. Formal Education

  • S2 : UMIST Manchester, UK, 1991. MSc in Fluid & Thermal Power

  • S1 : of Huddersfield, 1989, B.Eng in Design Mech. Eng.

  • D3 : Politeknik ITB, 1985, D3 in Mechanical Engineering for Maintenance


  1. Work Experiences:

  • Mecatronic (PLC)

  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic

  • Pump & compressor

  • Turbin & Boiler

  • Motor Management System

  • Fluid Mechanics

  • Thermodynamics

  1. Teaching Experiences:

  • Training Assessment for Generator and Automotive Staff UN

  • Advance Maintenance Management

  • PRV:Concept, Sizing & Selection

  • Hidraulic: Component, Operation and Maintenance

  • Heat Exchanger: Design, Operation and Maintenance

  • Pump and Comprssor: Maintenance

  • Total Predictive Maintenance

  • Trainer for Pneumatic

  • Trainer for Automotive Electricity

  • External Auditor Palm Oil Plant

  • Trainer for Pneumatic and PLC

  • Trainer for PLC

  • Trainer for Pneumatic

  • Trainer for Pneumatic

  • Technical Engineer (Maintenance)

  • Technical Engineer (Designer)

  • Familiarization HMS Product Training Komatsu Series

  • Simatic S7, Maintenance and Troubleshooting Course

  • Introduction to Mechatronic using Mitsubishi and Allen Bradley PLC

  • Modern LPG converter for automotives

  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic for basic automation

  • Advance Pneumatic and Hydraulic incl. Electro

  • Motor Management System (EFI)


  • Certificate, Quality Training Kit (Pencil case: Erase, Bolpoint, Pencil, Tipe X, Stabillo, Flash Disk 4 GB)

  • Bag, Jacket

  • Training Material (HandOut & SoftCopy)

  • Convenient Training Facilities At Stars Hotel, Lunch & 2 X Coffee Breaks,

  • Souvenir


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  • 26-28 Januari 2015 Yogyakarta

  • 25-27 Februari 2015 Bandung

  • 25-27 Maret 2015 Jakarta

  • 27-29 April 2015 Balikpapan

  • 25-27 Mei 2015 Bali

  • 08-10 Juni 2015 Lombok

  • 27-31 Juli 2015 Pontianak

  • 26-28 Agustus 2015  Bandung

  • 28-30 September 2015 Jakarta

  • 28-30 Oktober 2015 Yogyakarta

  • 25-27 November 2015 Bali

  • 28-30 Desember 2015 Lombok

  • Kami menerima request waktu, tempat & fasilitas hubungi kami untuk informasi lebih lanjut.