Training Asset Integrity Management System


Asset Integrity Management is nowadays become one of the essential elements of operational excellence that manay organizations and companies have embraced to maintain the competitive edge int their line of business. Most operator’s ultimate goal is to perform as a world class company while ensuring facility integrity and protecting Health, Safety and the Enviroment. This training aim to contribute to the successful achievement of the companies vision  and give assurance to manamagement and shareholders that the asset integrity is well maintenaned.

Managing preformance, processess and production are the key responsibilities for anyone involved in

Asset Integrity Management  and the role of asset integrity professionals has become more complex and all-emcompassing, and the demands on your time have probably never been greater

In the long-run, a company is only as good as the asset it maintains, which makes the process of asset integrity the singlemost importan task that an oil company undertakes. The fundamental functions that fall whithin the asset integrity spectrum can best be divided into three distinc skill subsets: production, process and people.


  • Understand how you can optimize the Asset Integrity Management System
  • Find out how to manage holstic asset design with the assistance of AIM systems and design codes
  • Discover how to use Risk Based Inspection to identify threats faster and save operational cost
  • Implement a technical approach to asset integrity management to obtain positive operational results and extended the life – cycle of the facility
  • Adapt effective asset integrity managements strategies that will help increase productivity and over challenges


  • Asset managers
  • Team leaders
  • Senior engineers engaged the development
  • Maintenance engineers and managers
  • Inspection managers
  • Directors, managers, Team leaders & Engineers of Pipelines, Wells, Structure, Plant & Facilites Projects, Design ,Operations and Maintenance Department


  • Asset Integrity General Overview
    • Introduction
    • Definitions
    • General organization of an asset integrity
    • Management system
    • Standardization and codes
  • Basics of Asset Management and Asset Integrity
    • Asset Management vs Asset Integrity
    • Defining Assets Criticality
    • Risk Assesment Techniques
    • Life Cycle Costing design considerations , process safety management mechanical integrity risk based inspection
  • Corrosion Management
    • Corrosion Basics
    • Main corrosion factors
    • Type of corrosion in Oil & Gas Industry
    • Corrosion Management Standardization and codes
  • Risk Based Inspection
    • RBI concepts
    • Implementation
    • Standardization and codes
  • Fitness for Service
    • FFS concepts
    • Implementation
    • Standardization and codes
  • Inspection and Non Destructive Testing
    • Inspection and NDT implementation
    • Main NDT Methods
    • Personnel Qualification
    • Standardization and codes
  • Risk Assesment Techniques
    • FMECA, Fault tree, Hazop, what if analysis etc
  • Rotating equipments
    • Condition monitoring for rotating equipments and risk analysis. PM optimization. Alarms, trips and safe shut down of system
  • Total productive maintenance
    • Impact of TPM on asset integrity, Different pillars of TPM and its effect on asset integrity
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance
    • Principle of RCM
    • The Seven Key Elements of RCM
    • Reliability Analysis
    • Summary Proven Tools that support AIM
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
    • Modern Approaches to Asset Integrity Management (AIM)
    • Lesson Learned from Case Studies Around the World

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