Training Advanced Completion Technology

Training Advanced Completion Technology

Course Description

This course will provide detailed presentation of the equipment, methods and design considerations for completing oil and gas wells. Emphasis is on planning of down hole operations including reviews of performance prediction, completion equipment and design; formation damage, heavy oil, SAGD, sour, and HPHT considerations; well site operations; and work over and stimulation planning. Participants will also learn technical explanations of common practices and troubleshooting hints and strategies.

For : Engineers, top field and rig supervisors, management and service company personnel proficient in oilfield math

Find out why those gravel packed wells control sand but do not produce very well. Finally, you will leave with the knowledge and confidence to really diagnose problem wells—with science and logic, not a cookbook!

Course Objective

Well and Reservoir Concepts
Squeeze Cementing
Gravel Packing

Who Should attend?

Engineers and technologists preferably with some experience or exposure in drilling, production or completions as well as supervisors, service personnel, operations superintendents, managers, or specialists who need an appreciation of down hole production equipment and operations.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction and Completions Operations Planning
  2. Well Performance Principles
  3. Completion Concepts and Equipment
  4. Materials and Corrosion
  5. Packers and Down hole Equipment
  6. Tubing Design
  7. Perforating Methods and Performance
  8. Heavy Oil and SAGD Completions
  9. Sour and HPHT Well Design
  10. Formation Damage and Fluid Selection/Management
  11. Stimulation (Acid and Proppant Fracturing)
  12. Remedial Cementing
  13. Coiled Tubing, Snubbing, Wire line, and Fishing
  14. Program Preparation and Supervision
  15. Work over Selection and Method