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Training Asset Integrity Management System

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OVERVIEW Asset Integrity Management is nowadays become one of the essential elements of operational excellence that manay organizations and companies have embraced to maintain the competitive edge int their line of business. Most operator’s ultimate goal is to perform as a world class company while ensuring facility integrity and protecting Health, Safety and the Enviroment. This training aim to contribute to the successful achievement of the companies vision  and give assurance to manamagement and shareholders that the asset integrity is well maintenaned. Managing preformance, processess and production are the key responsibilities for anyone involved in Asset Integrity Management  and the role of asset integrity professionals has become more complex and all-emcompassing, and the demand

Advanced Reliability Centered Maintenance

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Advanced Reliability Centered Maintenance INTRODUCTION Organisations that apply the RCM approach presented in this programme can develop failure management tactics that will improve the reliability of their physical assets, reduce maintenance costs and achieve higher levels of safety and environmental integrity over the life cycle of their systems. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Delegates are the team members that would participate in the development of a reliability programme and failure management tactics for the physical assets of the organisation. Maintenance and reliability engineers and engineers in training Procurement and contract engineers Inspection engineers Technical team leaders Reliability analysts Operations supervisors Maintenance supervisors PROGRAMME OBJECT...


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ADVANCED MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT Jadwal Training 2015,2016,2017 | Jadwal Seminar 2015,2016,2017 | Informasi Training 2015,2016,2017 | Informasi seminar 2015,2016,2017 Bulan Januari, Februari, Maret, April, Mei, Juni, Juli, Agustus, September, Oktober, November, Desember, Yogyakarta, Bali, Lombok, Jakarta, Bandung, Balikpapan, Solo, Semarang, Pontianak. Kami menerima request waktu, tempat & fasilitas hubungi kami untuk informasi lebih lanjut.    TRAINING ADVANCED MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT COURSE OBJECTIVES Modern maintenance techniques and methodologies that conform to the fast growing industries in the world Why we should use total maintenance strategy and benchmarking with world class industries to increase maintenance performance and cost effectiveness How to optimize the runnin

Training Operational Excellence in the Process Industry

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Operational Excellence in the Process Industry (The Key to a Lean and Low-Risk Failure) 29 – 31 Januari 2015, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta 10 – 12 Februari 2015, New Saphir Hotel, Yogyakarta 04 – 06 Maret 2015, Ibis Style Hotel, Yogyakarta 07 – 09 April 2015, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta 12 – 14 Mei 2015, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta 23 – 25 Juni 2015, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta 01 – 03 Juli, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta 04 – 06 Agustus 2015, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta 08 – 10 September 2015, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta 06 – 08 Oktober 2015, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta 17 – 19 November 2015, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta 08 – 10 Desember 2015, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta DESCRIPTION This course presents the best practices