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Training Coiled Tubing Design and Operations

Oil and gas, Production/Reservoir
Training Coiled Tubing Design and Operations Course Description Completely revised and updated for this year, this course covers the gamut of coiled tubing applications. Economics and improvements in tools and technology have greatly increased the sphere of coiled tubing applications.  Coiled tubing is the completion and remedial workstring of necessity in many wells, especially for offshore, horizontal, and multilateral wells.  But coiled tubing is not a panacea; there are many limitations, some obvious, some not.  The questions most operators ask about this advancing technology are: What can be done with coiled tubing today that could not be done a few years ago?  When should coiled tubing be used?  When should coiled tubing not be used?  This course is packed with th

Completion Equipment and Well Intervention

Oil and gas, Production/Reservoir
Training Completion Equipment and Well Intervention Course Description This course is primarily designed for drilling, production and completion engineers and supervisors needing a practical understanding and an appreciation of well completion design and operation, well stimulation and work over planning. It explains how completion configurations are varied to meet well objectives and to maximize well productivity. Design concepts and methods are presented together with downhole tools and their selection criteria.   Completion types and design for vertical, horizontal and multilateral wells, design and optimization of tubing based on tubing performance analysis (Inflow performance analysis, liquid and gas hold up during fluid flow and forces on tubing), downhol...