Jadwal Training Pelatihan Diklat Bimtek Seminar Workshop 2020

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Key Risk Indicators

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Informasi Training : Key Risk Indicators Description This  workshop  is  aimed  at  risk  practitioners and    business    managers    who    have implemented, or are  looking to implement, a robust  and  comprehensive  key  risk  indicator (KRI)  process  within  their  organisation.  The workshop  covers  all  aspects  of  setting  up, running  and  developing  a  KRI  process  that can be used both as an essential component of the overall risk management framework as well as a powerful tool to assist management in the day to day control of the business.  The workshop  is  hands-on  and  involves  case studies  to  reinforce  concepts  covered  in  a practical workshop environment. Who should attend Risk Managers, Line Managers, Financial Controllers, Internal Auditors, Risk Advise

Risk Management For Financial Institutions

Training Banking and Financial
Training Risk Management For Financial Institutions This interactive workshop course is apt for participants who are working in and with financial institutions which are trying to keep pace with developments in risk management and growing pressures of regulatory, governance and compliance issues. It engages the participants in examining the failures of risk management and governance and drives forth the case that managing risks holistically with a proper risk culture and framework is imperative to the survival of a bank. Overview Better (and safer) risk management in financial institutions has never been more demanding since the financial crisis began in the latter half of the last decade. Facing calamity after calamity, scandal after scandal, the banking industry has come u...

Key Financial Drivers of Success in Banks

Training Banking and Financial
Key Financial Drivers of Success in Banks A case study based workshop for bankers who wish to understand better the key performance and risk drivers of their bank, how they are evaluated in the marketplace by equity and debt investors as well as rating agencies and the economic, competitive and regulatory issues that drive strategy. Course Objectives This two day workshop uses the client bank as a case study to provide participants with an understanding of their bank, the key risks and how they are evaluated in the marketplace. Specifically, participants will be equipped to: Understand the business model of their bank and the risk profile of the various businesses. Recognise how overall performance is evaluated by the market and how this benchmarks against peers. Understand ...

Training Intensive Bank Analysis

Training Banking and Financial
Training Intensive Bank Analysis A three-day case study based workshop for credit risk, fixed income, origination and regulatory professionals. This course offers an in-depth analytic approach to the credit analysis of both local and international commercial banks. Course Objectives The overall goal of this interactive three day workshop is to provide participants with structured approach to analysing the credit risk of banks and the skills to make an independent assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of a bank. Participants learn to: Use a structured approach to the analysis of banks, incorporating the CAMELS framework within the wider context of the operating environment and support Identify strong and weak performers using a detailed analysis of financial statements wi...