Jadwal Training Pelatihan Diklat Bimtek Seminar Workshop 2020

Tag: Interpersonal Skills

Coaching a Service Team

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Description Effective service management begins with understanding a talent management process that includes planning, communication, monitoring, appraisal, and reward. As a manager, you establish measurable goals, and determine how they will monitor performance for team members. Understanding how to give and receive constructive feedback helps keep associates on target for good performance and develops accountability to improve performance. When you apply a positive coaching model, you can collaborate with employees to deal with the critical issues, create options for new behaviors, and establish commitment and accountability. At the completion of this module, participants will be able to: • Manage talent and set goals to bridge gaps in performance • Identify, monitor, and hold emplo

Strategic Planning, Development and Implementation

Managerial and soft skills
Informasi Training : Strategic Planning, Development & Implementation COURSE DESCRIPTION This course will focus on the strategic thinking and leadership behaviors that a high-performance organization needs for a successful long term future. This course will usher delegates in more strategic visionary leadership that focuses to deliver real value to their constituents and customers. This will enable organizations to strive to improve every aspect of the business, as delegates will understand the process of creating value and the execution to bring that value into reality. In this course, delegates will discover how to move from transactional management to transformational leadership. Real strategic management requires that managers and leaders at all levels create the mindsets and be...

The Effective Supervisor/Team Leader

Managerial and soft skills
Training The Effective Supervisor/Team Leader COURSE DESCRIPTION Team Leaders/Supervisors provide a vital link in delivering your organisation’s strategy, standards and expectations. Your style, energy and personal effectiveness have a major impact on your team’s ability to deliver successfully and positively. This two-day course will help you to develop your style, skills and techniques to meet the day to day challenges your team faces and become a role model to your team. The course is participative and highly practical, using a wide range of training and learning methods. Participants are given the opportunity to share their own experience and ideas and those of others, to enhance learning. By the end of course, you'll be able to: consider, discuss and describe th

Human Resources Communications That Make An Impact

Training Human Resource Development ( HRD )
Jadwaltraining.co.id - Human Resources Communications That Make An Impact Description Having a strong HR communications strategy is becoming increasingly more important. A well architected communications strategy must incorporate a captivating design andleverages available technologies, all while aligning to the brand and the culture of the organization.As there are many employee programs that HR develops, manages and oversees, getting the best return on investment is only possible with a strong communications strategy.   Most organizations are now aware of the tremendous value that effective HR communications deliver everything from recruiting campaigns and hiring to performance management and transitions. Still, many well-intended communications programs fail to deliver, despite th

Training Human Resources Management

Training Human Resource Development ( HRD )
Training Human Resources Management Introduction In order to satisfy today’s ever increasing business requirements, Human Resource Mangers need to respond by delivering effective creative solutions on a global scale to ensure HR maintains the strategic harmony of the business and the decision makers/leaders. HR cannot be seen as a burdensome cost, it must create the opportunities and environment to support, and where necessary, lead key business initiatives. HR has an increasingly important role to play; the challenges for the future will mean a significant re think of how HR currently contributes to the business, but just as importantly how it’s contribution and value is measured. This innovative programme will cover the latest thinking, models and approaches to International HR deli

Knowledge Management for the Oil and Gas Industry Training

Managerial and soft skills, Training Human Resource Development ( HRD )
Training Knowledge Management for the Oil and Gas Industry Introduction Every successful industry is in agreement that attracting, retaining and fully utilising talented staff is a key management function – but how to do it? This practical program will show delegates not only what’s needed but also how to make it happen so that you can gain strategic advantage through new approaches in knowledge management. Specifically this course will feature: Ways you can significantly improve you recruitment to attract and select higher calibre staff Be able to use a differentiation to promote and encourage employees to perform better New approaches to achieve retention of high performing staff How to demonstrate the value of knowledge management in our industry in financial terms Impr

Continuous Employee Development and Empowerment Training

Managerial and soft skills, Training Human Resource Development ( HRD )
Training Continuous Employee Development and Empowerment Introduction: This course will introduce participants to the important areas of Continuous Employee Development & Empowerment. Continuous Employee Development utilises a wide variety of methods, including individual career planning, classroom training; distance learning; mentoring; coaching; talent management and participation in learning seminars. Continuous Employee Development & Empowerment is a management practice of sharing information, rewards, and power with employees so that they can take initiative and make decisions to solve problems and improve service and performance. This course will feature: Understand the importance of empowerment What is meant by the terms ‘coaching’, ‘training’, ‘learning’ & ’

HR Skills for HR Administrators

Training Human Resource Development ( HRD )
Training HR Skills for HR Administrators Introduction This course will provide delegates with the skills and knowledge to make a valuable contribution to the success and continued effectiveness of the HR function. The subjects covered in this course will provide practitioners to be up-to-date with the latest thinking and approaches. This includes all aspects of a modern employment policy presented from the point of view of the HR function. This course should cover all aspects of the work of a modern HR unit and is designed to serve as an introduction to HR for newly appointed HR Assistants and/or as a refresher for those who are already in the HR profession. This course will feature: Role of policies in good people management Importance of good employee relations and employee c...

Fundamentals of Management

Managerial and soft skills
Training Fundamentals of Management The role of a manager is to work with and through people by coordinating their work activities to accomplish organisational goals. This role is accomplished under the four basic functions of management – planning, organising, leading and controlling. Management should not be confined from the perspective of “top management” or large organisations only but should encompass everyone who has responsibility for overseeing the work activities and performance of other people in the organisation. This programme provides participants with a sound foundation of the fundamental concepts of management and the essential skills and competencies required to succeed in management. It also serves as a building block for participants to develop more specific management

Essential Managerial Skills for New Managers

Managerial and soft skills
Essential Managerial Skills for New Managers Today’s new manager needs to know how to develop its people. This programme shows indepth practical aspects to plan, prepare and implement effective coaching and mentoring program and how to evaluate its success. This program is designed to give managers the knowledge, competencies and strategies on how to develop the performance of their people. This course will also enable participants to understand the processes which will make them more effective and increase their confidence and sense of achievement. This will benefit anyone who needs to master the principles and practices of an effective coach or mentor. An important goal is to acquire the essential coaching skills to immediately improve your day-to-day and long-term performance as a man