Jadwal Training Pelatihan Diklat Bimtek Seminar Workshop 2020

Tag: Forms of Corrosion

Corrosion Control in the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas
Corrosion Control in the Oil and Gas Industry Course Description   This inaugural course in corrosion control in the oil and gas Industries has been designed for professionals who are working in the field of oil and gas. Guided by leaders in the field, you will explore principles and  protection strategies. The combination of teaching methods – formal lectures, case studies and practical sessions – will maximise the learning process and your understanding of the subject. Course Objectives understanding of corrosion ramifications in oil production operations Learning how to recognize the various forms of corrosion attack Learning how to carry out a corrosion failure analysis Learning how to utilize the most appropriate method for corrosion control Learning how to ad

Petroleum Engineering

Oil and gas, Production/Reservoir
Training Petroleum Engineering Course Description A course that prepares individuals to apply mathematical and scientific principles to the design, development and operational evaluation of systems for locating, extracting, processing and refining crude petroleum and natural gas, including prospecting instruments and equipment, mining and drilling systems, processing and refining systems and facilities, storage facilities, transportation systems, and related environmental and safety systems. Course Objectives Understand the Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties Understand the Material Balance Equations and their Uses Learning the Art of Fluid Sampling and Analysis Understand the Reserve Estimates and Predictions Understand the Crude Oil Composition & Analysis Learning ...