Jadwal Training Pelatihan Diklat Bimtek Seminar Workshop 2020

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Analytic Approach to Business Development for Banks

Training Banking and Financial
Training Analytic Approach to Business Development for Banks Course Objectives The overall goal of this intensive three day workshop is to equip relationship managers with the analytic skills and understanding to enable them to act as strategic partners for their client banks in meeting capital, funding, investment and risk management needs. Specifically the goals of the training are to equip participants to: Anticipate client need by cultivating a better understanding of the key business and financial drivers of bank performance Understand the changing economic, regulatory, risk management and accounting issues faced by banks and how they will shape bank strategy Use a structured approach to spot potential business opportunities and identify the right questions to ask i...

Financial Skills For Hr Professionals

Training Human Resource Development ( HRD )
Financial Skills For Hr Professionals Overview: The Course The planning and budgeting process in most organisations starts with the human resources (HR) department. At the same time as the sales and marketing professionals are assessing product and service mix and making short and long-term forecasts of sales demand and prices, the HR department is assessing its current level of resources and the likely level of resources required both in the short and longer term. The HR function plays an integral role in the budgeting of costs for the whole organisation. It is also responsible for the preparation and management of its own departmental budget, and is accountable for the achievement of that budget. Financial awareness is therefore an essential requirement for every role at every level...