Jadwal Training Pelatihan Diklat Bimtek Seminar Workshop 2020

Tag: Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Governance, Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Governance, Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Course Descriptions The course aims to develop an understanding of the underlying concepts of Corporate Governance, business ethics and CSR which are relevant to the contemporary business environment. It is designed to foster candidates' understanding of the ethical influences on economic, financial, managerial, and environmental aspects of business. The course further aims to develop a candidate's ability to critically analyse ethical issues in business. This course reviews different regulatory processes essential to the understanding of the principles of corporate governance in Indonesia. Course content The concepts, essential principles, and stakeholders of corporate governance corporate Social Respon...

The Art Of Human Resource Management

Training Human Resource Development ( HRD )
The Art Of Human Resource Management Overview: Introduction The HR function has to be the bridge between the workforce and the organisation. It also has to be the eyes, ears and sometimes the conscience of the organisation. This seminar will show you how to build that bridge and how to create an HR function that meets the needs of employees and the organisation. The seminar you will cover: The essential (or basic) component parts of an effective HR (or Personnel) function Ideas for developing the function beyond the essential parts The distinctions between the role of line supervisors/managers and the HR function Who does what for example with Handling change Recruitment Handling performance issues Use of disciplinary procedure The application of the theory ...
Business Ethics

Business Ethics

Managerial and soft skills, Training Human Resource Development ( HRD )
Training Business Ethics(Etika Bisnis) About this Course This business ethics course introduces you to the rules of conduct generally accepted in the business community, whether they pertain to employee and community relations or international trade. You can also explore the federal government's efforts to enforce some of these rules through legislation, as well as the methods used by an organization's public affairs department to influence public policy. Instructors even discuss the political maneuvers of societal and business interest groups with conflicting interests. In short, use this chapter to explore business ethics as they relate to the following: Employee, consumer and stakeholder rights Managerial roles and responsibilities Businesses' political influence Corporate social ...
Strategic Management and Leadership

Strategic Management and Leadership

In-House Training, Managerial and soft skills
 Business Excellence: Strategic Management and Leadership “Growing a business means making many decisions about the way you want to expand your operation. Creating a strategic plan is a key component of planning for growth.” Introduction Growing a business means making many decisions about the way you want to expand your operation. Creating a strategic plan is a key component of planning for growth. Course Objectives Upon completion of this programme, the participants will be able to: Acquire an in-depth understanding of the key analytical tools used in strategy formulation. Benefit from a holistic decision-making and creative thinking process. Understand the application of the strategic analysis tools to the problems and issues faced within their industries. Be exposed to diverse