Jadwal Training Pelatihan Diklat Bimtek Seminar Workshop 2020

Project Failure Recovery

Training Project Failure Recovery


This course provides participants with tools and techniques that may be used to rescue projects that are deemed to be in trouble by virtue of budget, time line or quality issues. The methodology that will be covered is one that is being adopted as best practices in major corporations in attempting to recover from a project that is on a downward projectile.

The key areas covered will be project assessment considerations followed by a structured and systematic approach to minimize further losses and delays and revert back as fast as possible to its original intended outcome.

The approach adopted for this course would be a case study approach.

Course Objectives

At the end of the program, the participants should be able to:

  • Define the different categories of projects

  • List characteristics of troubled projects

  • Recognize key requirements for assessing project status

  • Identify competencies needed to assess and recover from troubled projects

  • Assess critical parameters of troubled projects

  • Analyze findings from assessments made

  • Select appropriate action plans needed for recovery

  • Develop means to recover from troubled projects

  • Undertake recovery process based on plan

  • Monitor the recovery process

Course Outline


  • An overview of the concept of “troubled” projects

  • Why projects become “troubled”

  • Key things to look out for to prevent project failure

  • Importance of project assessment and recovery

  • Requirements for project assessment and recovery


  • Developing a project assessment plan

  • Characteristics of an assessment plan

  • Critical documentation analysis

  • Opportunity, threats and issues recognition

  • Tools and techniques for conducting project assessments

  • Requirements for monitoring project recovery