Production Sharing Contracts in Oil and Gas ( PSC Indonesia)

Production Sharing Contracts in Oil and Gas ( PSC Indonesia)

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Production Sharing Contracts in Oil and Gas ( PSC Indonesia)

Training Production Sharing Contracts in Oil and Gas ( PSC Indonesia)


Production Sharing Contracts and variants such as service contracts with host governments are the most widely used form of arrangement with private petroleum companies. This 3 day course will cover and compare legal and fiscal systems, commercial issues, various PSC and related agreements, the governance and management of PSCs, audits, as well as enhancements and improvements in PSC terms.


  • Construct production sharing contract and tax and royalty concession spreadsheets accurately
  • Gain a thorough understanding of key commercial and legal issues in exploration, development and production activities that impact upon the success and profitability of PSCs
  • Understand and apply the differences between petroleum production fiscal and contract terms when negotiating PSCs
  • Learn to select the ideal profit sharing scheme best suited for your organization
  • Compare and contrast PSCs models and related operating agreements in various countries
  • Recognize and master the relationship dynamics between governments and the petroleum industry involved in PSCs
  • Maximize profits for your organization via successful implementation and negotiation of the terms in PSCs


The course is designed for oil & gas professionals involved in implementing and negotiating Production Sharing Contracts (PSC) including international & government negotiators and regulators, corporate planner, executives & managers, strategic planner, executives & managers, contract specialists, executives & managers, E&P professionals & managers, legal executives, managers & advisors, business development executives & managers, commercial executives & managers, finance executives, managers and controllers, business & accounting analysts, tax & finance advisors, operation executives & managers, compliance officers, executives & managers, projects engineers, executives & managers, economists and investors.

Course Outline

  • Ownership & Management
  • Comparative Petroleum Regimes & Ranking Systems
  • Tenders & Contractor Selection
  • Cost-Recovery
  • Alternative Methods for Profit Sharing
  • Carried Interest for National Oil Company
  • Bonuses & Royalties
  • Taxation of Operations
  • Ring-Fenced Accounting
  • Modeling Financial & Economic Outcomes
  • Role of Joint Management Committee
  • Discovery & Declaration of Commerciality
  • Gas Clause
  • Approval of Development Plan Licenses
  • Domestic Market Obligations
  • Transfers, Assignments & Change of Control
  • HSE Compliance
  • Abandonment Obligations
  • Financial & Compliance Audits
  • Pipeline Delivery
  • LNG Export
  • Joint Venture Operating Agreements
  • Agency & Management Agreements
  • Joint Sale Agreements
  • Well Services & Construction Agreements


  1. Kuswo Wahyono, MM


Mr. Kuswo graduated form S2 Management program , Economy Faculty, UGM and He is an expert staff Pertamina Upstream Directorate which is still active today. In addition, he has held several strategic positions including as Chairman of IATMI since 2006 – 2008 and the Technical Program Co-chairman of the Society of Petroleum engineeers 2000 s / d 2001, Chairman of the cooperative Bina Mandiri PB Petro Oil since 2005 and JOB Pertamina Talisman.

  1. Susi Widjajani, SE, MSi & Team

Mrs. Susi graduated form S2 Management program , Economy Faculty, UGM. Mrs. Susi is a lecturer and an instructor training in oil and gas company. She know well in matery economic, financial and accountancy program, Industrial Psicology, Managerial Economy, Micro Economy, International Economy, accountancy cost & management, PSC and etc. Mrs. Susi is a writer journal since 2004 and always following a seminar or training about economic oil and gas, workshop Plan of Development (POD), Contract and Legal Aspect in Oil and Gas Industry, consep kos, Job Costing, dan Process Costing and etc.