Jadwal Training Pelatihan Diklat Bimtek Seminar Workshop 2020


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Seven major topics will be discussed during this five days course, including the Down Hole of Surface Equipment, Production Method, Gathering System, Well Services and Work Over, and Problems Related to the Production Operations.

After completing the course, participants will properly understand the production operations especially the down hole & surface equipment, well service and work over and how to solve production problems.

With the above knowledge participants will have a high sense of self confidence to handle safe and efficient the field.



  1. Introduction to Petroleum (Exploration & Drilling)

  2. Typical Completion and its Components

  3. Considerations in Completing a Producing Well

  4. Production Method (Natural Flow, Gas Lift, ESP, SRP, Hydraulic Jet Pump, etc.)

  5. Gathering System (manifold, flow line, separators, control & instrumentation PIG launcher & receiver)

  6. Well service and Work Over (wire line, Subbing, coiled tubing, work over rig)

  7. Problem related in producing hydrocarbon (sand problem, emulsion, corrosion, scale, paraffin)


Sutrisno, S.Pd., Bc.M. & Team

Mr. Sutrisno is a proffesional lecture on oil and gas, especially on well servicing and offshore production certification. He was born in Blora on February 7, 1948. Started a job at Nglobo, Semanggi on 1967 he continued works at some oil field in Cepu. On 1984 he works as a lecturer at AKAMIGAS Cepu and have a position as Head of Production Employee Development. In 1996 he started job for evaluation team of certification, majoring on Work Over & Well Servicing and Offshore Production.
After retire on March 2004 he still has certificate of competencies on well servicing and offshore production. In the other specialist, he also has skill on teach about oil and gas like sucker rod pump, oil well maintenance, well completion, gas production, coiled tubing, wireline operations, etc.