Media Relations Strategy And Executions

05 – 07 Januari 2015, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta
15 – 17 Februari 2015, New Saphir Hotel, Yogyakarta
16 – 18 Maret 2015, Ibis Style Hotel, Yogyakarta

Instructor by : Team Instruktur dan Konsultan Seminar Center Indonesia


  1. The most mini media mapping with varieties of characters and forms (print, electronic, online; portal, blog, social media, etc.)
  2. Encourage participants to be able in formulating an appropriate strategy media relations and applicable in accordance with the purpose of organizational communication/company.
  3. Encourage participants to understand about media monitoring technique, clipping, analysis, tracking and reporting.


1. Media Relations between Theory vs Fact

  • Pictures of Media Development in Indonesia
  • Definition of Media Relations (between Theory and Fact)
  • Character and how the media work between Theory and Fact
  • The media relations work between Theory and Fact

2. Strategy Arranging/ Media Relations Concept

Simulation preparation of concept / media relations strategy that appropriated to the purpose of communication organization / company

3. Press Statement

Arrange communication message to media and how to distribute it in communicative, informative, well targeted and effective way.

4. Planning of media relations activity

  • Media Release
  • Media Briefing
  • Media tour
  • Press Conference
  • Etc.

5. Media Monitoring

  • Media Clipping
  • Media Content Analyst,
  • Media Tracking (count the PR Value & Ad value)
  • Project Media Report

6. Simulation

  • Press Conferences (audience : press from mass media)
  • Release Writing
  • Media Tracking
  • Etc.




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