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Managing Employees in Probation Period

Training Managing Employees in Probation Period

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Managing Employees under Probation Period

“Not managing them well, you may either lose a great asset or permanently confirmed a wrong employee by mistake.”


Newly recruited employees who are under probation period are as important as any employee. The company must be able to monitor and manage new comers under probation period as to whether they are fit for the position or otherwise. Though probationers aren’t yet permanent employees, but they need attention as well as their work performance, discipline and attitude. During probation period, this allows the company to test the probationers to the fullest on their ability, strength and commitment. However, should these probationers are left without proper supervision and monitoring, it’s going to be troublesome for the employer/company to later take an appropriate action.

Course Objectives

These programs are designed to assist the management to have a better perspective on how to manage probationers and in the events where issues of discipline or attitude arose what action are best to be taken. Furthermore, the management shall be advice on how to appraise probationers with correct manners to later accept or not to accept them as the Company full fledge employee.

Course Outline


1. Types of probationers

  • Shop floor
  • Middle Management
  • Top Management

2. Probate Period

  • Professional expectations
  • Demonstrating ability and strength
  • Background check
  • Medical history

3. Work assessment

  • Who shall be supervising the probationers?
  • Task given vs. work completion as per specification
  • Failure to complete assignments
  • Failure to do constant monitoring


4. Managing Disciplinary & Attitude issues

  • Lateness & Tardiness
  • Medical issues
  • Insubordination
  • Absent during working hours
  • Poor work performance

5. Extension of probationers

  • Role of Supervisors
  • Role of Managers

6. Confirming probationers

  • Guidelines of confirming or not to confirm
  • Reasons of confirmation or not to confirm

7. Perks and Privileges of a probationer

  • Leave
  • Medical Coverage
  • Allowances

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