Lean Tools and Practices: 5S to Kaizen

 Training Lean Tools and Practices: 5S to Kaizen


“5S” workplace organization is one of the foundational elements of a Lean Manufacturing initiative. Understanding this simple 5 Words and Kaizen concept is the oldest management system and the best living skill on earth. The Japanese have shown their wisdom by incorporating and imbued this into their organizational structure.

5S is the simplest and most practical 5 point management system developed by Japanese to improve and maintain high level of housekeeping in their work place. Western giants like Intel, Motorola, GM, Ford adopted this practice from Japan. Successful companies reflect high level of 5S!

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  • SEIRI/SORT – Remove all unnecessary materials and equipment from the factory.

  • SEITON/SET – Everything in the its place and everything has a place.

  • SEISON/SHINE – Clean everything, tools, cabinets, machines and floors.

  • SEIKETSU/SUSTAIN – Maintain high level of Sort, Set & Shine at all times.,

  • SHITSUKE/SELF VALUES – Discipline, Punctual, Good Habits & Learning Attitude.

As a practical workshop, 5S will take you on a journey from uncovering waste, saving money, energy or time, simplifying your working environment, improving quality and safety, increasing profitability as soon as you return to work.

Furthermore, the power of 5S is not only happening in the workplace, it can be practiced by individuals to achieve in life. 5S & Kaizen can be used as a motivational and practical tool assist us to achieve our dreams, mission and vision. By attending this training, it will help you to enhance and stimulate Leadership ability and potential.

Course Objectives

After completing this 2 days training, delegate will be able to:

  • Achieve productivity and efficiency in their workplace

  • Create a neat and tidy working environment

  • Achieve and maintain high Quality, low Cost and prompt Delivery

  • Achieve organization vision and mission

  • Transform a culture of discipline, considerate, logic, friendliness

  • Discover how “5S” workplace organization is the cornerstone of a Lean Initiatives

  • Know the standard of World Class levels of workplace organization and the company cultural shift for ‘5S”

  • Understand the importance of 5S

  • Practise and Leverage on 5S

  • Practise and Commit 5S for team work

Course Outline


Introduction to the World of Kaizen & 5S

  • Definition of Kaizen & 5S

  • How do we pronounce 5S?

  • History of 5S

Visual Management Exercise

  • Practice the level of visibility

  • The support benefits & importance of Seiton

Video Session

  • Video footage of Japanese employees practicing the highest level of 5S

  • Video Analysis: Q & A Session

Implementation 5S

  • How 5S can help your organization to achieve Quality, Cost & Delivery

Practicing 5S in your workplace

  • Discover various methods to practice 5S successfully

5S in Plant & 5S in Office

  • Looking into the abnormalities of plant & office

5W & 5S

  • Who should implement 5S?

  • When is the right timing to implement 5S?

  • What are the criteria to implement 5S?

  • Where do you implement 5S?

  • Why should you implement 5S?

Discussion: Q & A Session

Group Case Study

  • Groups will be given pre 3S photos and make Kaizen recommendation

Group Presentation

5S Song

Open Forum and Discussion on Day 1 topics

  • Open forum and review of participants’ expectations and key questions



  • Warm up with pronunciation of Kaizen & 5S

  • Interactive Q & A- specific S should be answered by participants

  • Better understanding of each S

Sorting Board

  • Identify & Analyze individuals’ strength & weaknesses

  • Exercise: Reflect the better understanding of oneself

Setting Board

  • Sharing & Creating Personal Dream Board

  • Fundamentals propels the journey to achieve

Shining & Sustaining

  • What kind of a process is Shining & Sustaining?

  • Action points to follow

Discussion: Q & A Session

Word Puzzle

  • 50 words to be Sorted & Set according to 5S

  • Perform ranking for the words that are linked to 5S

  • From confusion to systematize and discreetness

Word Setting

  • Rank the importance of 10 words under Sort, Set, Shine, Sustain & Self Values

  • Explore the difference from Smart to Wise

5S War Cry

The 6th S- Simplicity

  • Wisdom is Simplicity and exploring the uniqueness of 5S

Open Forum and Discussion on Day 2 topics

  • Open forum and review of participants’ expectations and key questions

Target Audience:
Anyone from production and manufacturing industries who are interested in evaluating the 5S & Kaizen as an improvement methodology for their workplace will be benefited from attending this workshop. In particular, executives and managers who are seeking a way to improve their organization by introducing a new culture of change will find that this programme provides an excellent, in-depth introduction to the 5S & Kaizen.