Jadwal Training Pelatihan Diklat Bimtek Seminar Workshop 2020

Leadership Skills and Techniques

Leadership Skills and Techniques

This course is designed to assist individuals in developing leadership skills that will enable them to lead from any position within an organization. Participants learn to lead with interpersonal effectiveness, influence, impact, and inspiration. Through interactive activities, self-assessments, and discussions, participants identify their leadership and personal influence styles and apply strategies to different situations. Participants practice building relationships based on integrity, credibility, and trust. They learn where they have the most leverage to facilitate change. Participants build a leadership network and commit to ongoing leadership development.

Who Takes This Course

This course is designed for managers, supervisors, team leaders, and individuals who want to develop high performance leadership competencies.


Learning Objectives

  • Describe a variety of leadership theories and models
  • Identify important qualities and behaviors of effective leaders
  • Describe their communication style and how it impacts their ability to lead
  • Identify and apply strategies for enhancing leadership relationships with others
  • Determine where you have the most leverage to facilitate change
  • Apply innovative thinking practices to current and future organizational challenges
  • Apply leadership practices and principles as an individual and in a team


Course Topics

Defining Leadership

  • What Is Leadership?
  • Leadership Theories and Approaches
  • Power-Based Leadership
  • The Leadership–Management Continuum
  • Leadership Development

Leading with Interpersonal Effectiveness and Influence

  • DiSC® Personal Profile System
  • Understanding Others
  • Leading with Influence
  • Integrity, Credibility, and Trust
  • Feedback

Leading with Impact

  • Introduction
  • Mastering Personal Change
  • Self-Managing Engagement
  • Prioritizing the Right Work

Innovating My Decision

  • Managing Dilemmas
  • Divergent Thinking and Innovation

Leadership Scenarios

  • Mastering Personal Change