Leadership and Essential People Management Skills

Leadership & Essential People Management Skills


People management skills top the agenda for Leaders. In almost all jobs, your people skills – also known as “soft skills” – have as much of an impact on your success as your technical skills. Your technical skills and expertise may have got you the job, but they won’t keep you in it. Today’s leaders are increasingly taking responsibility for nurturing and developing their people. As the information age unfolds, leaders are also recognising the importance of needing to improve their people management skills. This course gives you a toolkit of essential skills and techniques that can be applied at the workplace. Upon returning to work, you will feel more confident in your leadership and people management skills and abilities..



  • Adopt role-Modelling on the values of leadership
  • Describe the diferences between educating,Coaching,Counseling and delegation
  • Identity their own dominant leadership style
  • Getting different personalitiest to work together
  • Use tools and techniques to facilitate and develop difficult followers
  • Realse that everyone with different ideas can work together successfully
  • Appreciate others, Especially their differences
  • Choose to learn, Guide and lead the way forward
  • Appreciate the role of the leader to achieve corporate results and goals

Who Should Attend

Managers, Assistant Managers and Executives In Charge of Subordinates

Course Content

        Leadeship Style Diagnosis

  • Analyse leadership situation and desicions
    – Your Dominant Style
  • Your Leadeship Profile
    – Understand Self
    – How to work with others

    Leadership 1

  • Monitorong staff development levels
  • Followers diagnosis
    – Different needs of Subordinates
    – 4 Levels Of development

    Leadership 2

  • Leadership behaviours influence results
  • Leadership behaviours
    – When, How and with whom to use

    Essentials Of People Management

  • 5 wrong things we focus on
  • 5 more effective things we shoulds focus on
  • Human behaviours and attitudes in the workplace
  • Understanding the organisationals culture
  • Identifying people’s personal motivators

    People Communication Skill

  • The Essence of leadership
  • Facilitation skills
  • Empathetic listening
  • Paraphrasing
  • Leader’s responsibility
  • golden rules for leaders
  • 3 Styles
    – Pros and cons of each style
    – When to use each style
  • How to handle Passive Aggression
  • Empathy : understand other person’s positions

    Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in People Management

  • 5 criteria of EQ maturity
  • Perceptions and foundations
  • ABC : “Awareness Before Change”
  • Paradigm: “Choice begins with me!”
  • Pessimism vs Optimism
  • Emotions in the brain structure
  • Identify different emotions and the correspondings physiology

    Team Development

  • Effective leadership
  • leadership principles
  • Commitment to resolve issues
  • Opportunity in crisis = emerge stronger
  • Level of commitment

    Managing Difficult People

  • Difference between influencing and changing a person
  • understanding and identifying issues that influence negative attitude
  • Avoiding two major mistakes in handling problem workers
  • Ways to diffuse and transform conflict to teamwork
  • 6 steps to conflict management strategy


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