Interpersonal Effectiveness for Managers

Training Interpersonal Effectiveness for Managers

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Training Interpersonal Effectiveness for Managers


Course duration: 2 days.

This two-day course focuses on enhancing interpersonal skills and improving working relationships. Delegates will develop an insight into how others see them and increase their options when dealing with conflict, low morale, poor motivation or work-related problems.

The course will enable you to understand how to improve your working relationships with your team members. You will leave the course with a personal action plan identifying key changes to make and skills to practise to build your self-confidence and improve your management and interpersonal techniques.

Is it right for me?

Suitable for supervisors, team leaders or newly appointed managers, who are looking to improve their interpersonal skills in order to develop better working relationships. It is an all purpose course designed to be relevant to a variety of functions and industries.

If you feel you have a more specific need, we also offer specialised courses in ‘Dealing with Stress and Conflicting Needs‘, ‘ Handling Difficult People and Situations ‘ and ‘Emotional Intelligence for Managers’.

What will I learn?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify your personal behavioural style and understand its effect on the performance of yourself, your team and colleagues.
  • Recognise the human dynamics at work within your team.
  • Contribute in a more productive manner as a manager or team leader.
  • Adopt an appropriate style of interpersonal behaviour for the variety of interactions you complete during a working day.
  • Enhance the performance and motivation of your team and individual team members.
  • Deal with difficult people and conflict whilst maintaining effective working relationships.

What will it cover?

Increasing Self-Awareness

  • Learning to view people as the key to your success
  • The effect of your behaviour on the performance of others
  • The psychology of human interaction

Interpersonal Communication

    • The importance of effective interpersonal communication
    • Barriers to communication – physical barriers, mental preconceptions and more

Communicating, one-to-one, informally at meetings

Effective Team Building

  • The dynamics of successful team interaction – building a strong team spirit
  • Forging a positive, cooperative team from a group of individuals
  • Exploiting the strengths of team members for the good of the team

Working with Others

  • Getting colleagues to want to work with you
  • Assuming a confident and persuasive approach to your dealings with others
  • Contributing to the team decision-making process

Handling Difficult Situations

  • Dealing with and preventing conflict
  • Respecting the rights, feelings and dignity of others
  • Communicating difficult or personal news

Practical Sessions and Personal Development

  • Skills practice – a ‘blueprint’ for success
  • Formulating your personal action plan