Help Employees Thrive While “Doing More With Less Training

Help Employees Thrive While “Doing More With Less Training
17 – 18 Februari 2015, 03 – 04 Maret, 14 – 15 April, 05 – 06, Mei 2015, Juni 2015, Juli 2015 , Agustus 2015, September 2015, Oktober 2015, November 2015, Desember 2015. (Tanggal dan Bulan bisa Request)

It’s a challenging time for most businesses now. But underperforming or failing isn’t an option. Just getting by isn’t such a great idea either. Research shows that investing in bottom-line learning is a smart business decision because it will improve morale and productivity now, and make employees more effective when the economy recovers.

In practical terms “doing more with less” means that many people in your organization may find themselves overwhelmed. Yet, more than ever, you depend on these employees. They are vital to your current and future success. Training gives them the tools they need, not just to survive, but to thrive. The payoff to training your employees now is that their energy stays high, their morale remains strong, productivity stays up, and when the turnaround comes (and it will), your organization will be ready while your competition tries to get back on track.

In Help Employees Thrive While “Doing More With Less,” participants will learn…

How to stay positive, focused and effective while navigating the uncertainties of inevitable change
Proven techniques to be more productive despite an endless workload
How to control projects, competing priorities and critical deadlines even when the pressure is on
To develop the skills to stay self-motivated and keep morale high
How to transfer business skills learned in “hard times” and use them in “good times”


Embracing change

How to understand and handle the resistance that comes with change
The techniques successful people use to work effectively when everything is changing around them
Eliminate the fear, anger, anxiety and other unpleasant side effects of uncertainty
Use the positive aspects of change for personal growth and success
Use the “best practices” of companies who have made constant change manageable
Understand what the new “work equation” means and how it can be used to succeed now and in the future
Identify the stages of change and use how to use them for personal and professional benefit
Develop a personal “formula” for dealing with the changes
Make the term “change is constant” guide future growth and development

Doing more with less

How to avoid the biggest mistakes employees make in a “do more with less” environment
Learn the “art of prioritization” to get the right jobs done right now
Eliminate the factors that lead to bad decisions and workplace paralysis
Identify the triggers of procrastination and use a proven plan to eliminate this bad habit
How to take control of daily tasks and changing job responsibilities
Use effective time management tips to lighten the load
Listening—the skill that eliminates mistakes, misunderstandings and extra work
Use Parkinson’s Law to focus on getting things done, rather than on “work”
How not to overspend time on tasks
The keys to working together when business styles clash
Learn the art of stress-free productivity
An easy organizing strategy to save time, improve efficiency and get more done

Motivation to love a job

Why engagement during tough times is important
Techniques to have a new, creative and energized perspective
How to stay motivated and support team members
How to create a “To-Do” list for taking responsibility
How to keep morale high when faced with difficult changes
How to avoid catching the “negativity bug” and how to keep it from spreading
How to create and maintain value within an organization
How to emerge from hard times with a positive perspective and renewed skills

Who will benefit from this training

Team leaders