Fundamentals of Process Safety

Fundamentals of Process Safety Training

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About the course “Fundamentals of Process Safety”

The course is designed to cover the fundamentals of Process Safety for all staff levels in a high hazard installation. This course will benefit anyone who requires to understand the essentials of process safety including managers, supervisors, technical, engineering, HSE, maintenance and operational staff who are associated with the design, construction, operation, maintenance and governance of high hazard installations in the upstream and downstream oil, gas and petrochemical industry.

You will learn “Fundamentals of Process Safety Training ”

  • How to identify the systems and processes required to create process safety in a high hazard installation
  • How to identify and choose appropriate techniques and tools to qualitatively assess process hazards
  • How to determine appropriate risk reduction strategies and identify effective risk reduction measures to prevent, control and mitigate process safety risk
  • How to recognize and develop systems to manage Process Safety in Operations through operating procedures and operating limits, ensuring plant integrity through maintenance and inspection
  • How to use a management of change process to minimize risk of change
  • How to identify and monitor key performance measures and verifications to maintain and improve safety performance

Course Content “Fundamentals of Process Safety Training”

  • Business context for Process Safety
  • Learning from previous incidents and near misses
  • Risk Assessment [Hazard Identification, Hazard Scenarios, Consequence & Likelihood Analysis, and Risk Analysis and Tools & Techniques]
  • Risk Reduction Measures (Barriers) [Types and Hierarchy of Risk Reduction Measures (Barriers)]
  • Design basis of plant facilities
  • Management of Process Safety in Operations [Operating Procedures, Design and Operating Limits, Human Factors, Inspection and Maintenance, and Emergency Response]
  • Management of Change
  • Incident and Near Miss Investigation
  • Self-Verification and Measurement
  • Process Safety Key Performance Indicators
  • Management Review and Auditing
  • Process Safety Leadership [Governance and Culture]

Fundamentals of Process Safety Training Designed For 

All staff associated with the operation, maintenance and governance of high hazard installations in the upstream and downstream oil, gas and petrochemical industry. The content is relevant to all roles, including senior management, project and engineering support teams, HSE support, supervisors and operator and maintenance technicians. This course will benefit anyone who wants to understand the design basis and essentials of safe operating envelopes without addressing the more detailed calculation aspects covered in Process Safety Engineering PS-4. The use of a case study is designed to identify how different disciplines and roles impact safe and reliable operations and maintenance.


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