Jadwal Training Pelatihan Diklat Bimtek Seminar Workshop 2020

Employ and Manage Marine Personnel for Vessel Activities

Training Employ and Manage Marine Personnel for Vessel Activities

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Training Employ and Manage Marine Personnel for Vessel Activities

Learning Outcomes

• Identify the type of skills, knowledge, understanding and experience required to undertake current and planned organisational activities

• Understand and describe the benefits of motivating staff

• Evaluate different Performance Indicators (PIs) and their relation with KPIs

• Describe the basic steps involved in the acquisition of a vessel
• Explain why there is a need to regulate ship recycling
• Describe the key steps in project management
• Evaluate the difference between total cost of purchase and the purchase price


• Plan the workforce

• Recruit, select and retain staff

• Provide learning opportunities

• Monitor and take action to ensure seafarer certification

• Manage induction processes

• Staff appraisals – tool to motivate your team

• Manage personnel travel procedures

• Provide for the wellbeing and welfare of seafarers and office staff

• Key performance indicators

• A ‘just culture’ versus a ‘blame culture’

• Manage the acquisition of vessels

• Vessel disposal

• Develop and implement vessel maintenance plans

• Project management

• Manage physical resources

• Procurement processes

• Organise and oversee the management of contractors

• Establish and implement systems for the management of vessel supplies


Triyanto, Capt. R.I. M.Mar/ Team

Capt. R.I. Triyanto, M.Mar is an expert who was a lecturer at Marine Academy AKPELNI in Semarang. He is Instructor for Semarang Growth Centre, until at present, lecturing for Pelindo Pilot; Migas Mooring Master; Deep Sea Pilot; Ship Handling Simulator; Liquid Cargo Handling; Offshore Operations ; Maritime English; Crowd and Crisis Management; GMDSS; Radar Arpa; Safety, Survival etc.

Experience in Marine & Oil Terminal/ Port operation as Person in Charge in the port operation and facilities, Head of Marine and Terminal Product Movement, Act Superintendent, such responsible for Marine & Terminal Installation, maintenance and operation; Ship shore – Shore Loading Procedure; Oil and gas processing; Calibration such equipment; Co-work with official government.

Mooring Master/ Head of Mooring Master at Unocal (Indonesian–American Oil Company) at Santan Terminal. Master of various Ocean going vessels, (Bulk, Cargo, Tanker) from various national and foreign company, Indonesian and foreign flag vessels , running for Japan, Europe ,Middle East, Africa, Indonesia, South Asia, until 1979.




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