Developing Effective Scope of Work & Contracting Strategy

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Developing Effective Scope of Work & Contracting Strategy


Now more than ever, the success of business critically depending on how best we  develop  our scope of work  and  setting  contracting strategy.  . Now day’s businesses require an up to date tools and methods on how to prepare effective scope and to conduct good contracting strategy. This  course introduces the concepts, issues, techniques and best practices you will study in greater depth to deliver fast, focused, high quality with inherent learning process in planning and delivering contracts.  First, you will  learn key  ingredient  of effective scope of work  and to   discuss the dynamic role of contracting strategy.  You also will learn the entire contract process from both owner and contractors perspectives, from pre-RFP planning, scope and proposal development, and negotiation through contract administration and execution.


• To discuss and identify  best practices of  developing  fast, focused and highly quality scope of work

• To present examples from the real world best practices of contracting strategy..


Contract Authorized Managers, Supply Chain Management Professionals, Project Leaders, Procurement & professional  Buyers, Project Teams, and Other professionals who seek for tools and  methods to develop   high quality Scope and  Contracting  Strategy.


Scope  Development  & Contracting   Strategy

• Consolidated  Demand  Plan and  Managing Expectation

• Effective Supplier Market Assessment

• Preparing  Sharp and Concise  Scope of Work

• Effective Prequalification and  Bidders Screening

• Contracting Strategy  & African Flag Contracts Map

• Case studies and Exercise

• Contract Package Preparation

• Managing  Feed Back and Lesson Learnt  for Contracting

• Critical Contract Deliverables

• Efficient Bidding  to Get the Best Fit Contractor.

• Contracting Strategy Case Study & Worksho