Closing the Sale

Closing the Sale Training
17 – 18 Februari 2015, 03 – 04 Maret, 14 – 15 April, 05 – 06, Mei 2015, Juni 2015, Juli 2015 , Agustus 2015, September 2015, Oktober 2015, November 2015, Desember 2015. (Tanggal dan Bulan bisa Request)

Master sellers don’t use gimmicky techniques to close the sale. Nor do they feel rejected and give up when the customer says “no.” This seminar shows you, step by step, how to use the proven techniques of the pros to start upping your close ratio while becoming more comfortable and confident in your selling efforts. You’ll get expert advice on every stage of the closing process—from earning trust and showing empathy to confirming commitment, closing the sale and even up-selling/cross-selling. Strategy, attitude, tactics—everything you need to boost your closing results overnight is here.

In Closing the Sale, participants will learn…

How to leave an exceptional voice mail so customers will respond
Important considerations to keep in mind when asking questions
How to read customers’ buying signs
The “how-to’s” of the “add-on” offer, so customers won’t feel like they were supersized!
And much more!


The critical selling basics

Fundamentals of active listening

Advancing the sale

Confirming commitment

Closing the sale

Up-selling/Cross-selling secrets