Chemical Spills, Safety Precautions and Response Action

Training Chemical Spills, Safety Precautions and Response Action

29 – 31 Januari 2015, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta
10 – 12 Februari 2015, New Saphir Hotel, Yogyakarta
04 – 06 Maret 2015, Ibis Style Hotel, Yogyakarta
07 – 09 April 2015, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta
12 – 14 Mei 2015, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta
23 – 25 Juni 2015, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta
01 – 03 Juli, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta
04 – 06 Agustus 2015, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta
08 – 10 September 2015, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta
06 – 08 Oktober 2015, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta
17 – 19 November 2015, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta
08 – 10 Desember 2015, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta

The focus of this course is to enable delegates to recognize the risks associated with a release of hazardous materials, provide you with the basic procedures for preventing such releases and to enable you to know about incident and emergency plans, and understand the correct actions for responding to accidental releases or spills of hazardous materials.

When used properly chemicals are an integral and beneficial part of modern life, but when operational faults arise, or equipment failures occur, we may be faced with a chemical spill. Many of the chemicals we encounter can cause serious harm and environmental damage. In some cases exposure to them can be fatal. Chemical spill awareness is therefore essential in the work place and this course reinforces that the best way to avoid chemical spills is to prevent them occurring.

This course will feature:

Understanding hazards of chemicals
Basic information on acting safely when chemical releases & potential releases require appropriate action
How to control a spill using a spill kit
Selecting personal protective clothing and other response equipment.
Incident Response Plans

Who is this Course for?

This course is for professionals who use chemicals, produce chemicals, come into contact with chemicals, or sell chemicals as part of their daily working life all need to be aware of the correct safe procedure to react to a chemical spill effectively and will all benefit from this course.

This course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

Plant/Operations Personnel & Managers, Shift Supervisors & Shift Team Leaders
Laboratory Personnel
Emergency Incident Wardens
Those who may be required to respond to workplace incidents of a possible or actual release of a chemical

Training Topics

Hazardous Chemicals

Hazardous materials
Identification of hazards
Examples of Different sorts of spills

Spill Prevention and Control

Work practices that can prevent spills from occurring
Incidents and types of emergency situations.
The goals of spill control
Responder’s safety
Spill Response and Clean-up Procedures
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Developing a Spill Response Plan

Material Safety Data Sheet
Risk Assessment
On-site Emergency Plans
Training, Exercises & Drills
Roles and responsibilities of personnel
Off-site Emergency Plans

Evacuation, spill control materials and kit

Identify additional resources for information on spill response procedures.
Missing Persons
Environmental philosophy,
Incident reporting & Communication
Recommended Spill Control Materials Inventory & Locations

Clean-up and First Aid

Classic case studies
Specific Procedures
Doing it wrong/doing it right
First Aid
Course Review