Jadwal Training Pelatihan Diklat Bimtek Seminar Workshop 2020

Benchmarking and Performance Indicators Measurements

Benchmarking and Performance Indicators Measurements


What gets measured gets managed. Leading organisations around the world have discovered that well-designed benchmarking and measurement systems not only monitor performance, but also drive improvement by focusing on important goals and objectives.

This course presents proven models and techniques to develop an accurate, reliable, and balanced system of measures to guide improvement and evaluate the performance of work groups, departments, divisions, core processes, and total organisations.

The course will cover the background and techniques of Benchmarking and Performance Indicators Measurements (B&PIMs) methods to assess and improve performance, and the impact of benchmarking and  measuring performance indicators on overall firm performance. A practical case study approach to B&PIMs will provide the content and context for developing and understanding, and applying B&PIMs techniques.

This course is designed for organisations that want to use this dynamic tool to drive strategic and operational improvements. In a three-day session, participants will be introduced to the latest benchmarking approaches and prepared with the necessary skills, tools, and techniques to conduct B&PIMs.

Who Should Attend

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Define benchmarking as it relates to your organisation
  • Prioritise key business processes your organisation needs to benchmark for maximum results
  • Plan a benchmarking project that includes process documentation and key performance indicators
  • Understand how primary and secondary research supports your selection of best-practice organisations
  • Develop a data collection plan that will allow maximum learning from selected best-practice organisations
  • Analyse data to determine where the tacit and explicit gaps exist in your process
  • Use the benchmarking data to create and recommend plans for implementation
  • Experience major steps in the process through interactive case studies
  • Gain insight into best practices in performance measurement
  • Select the appropriate measurement techniques for your organisation
  • Develop an effective system of measures within your organisation
  • Ensure that measures align with organisational goals and objectives
  • Use measures to drive process improvement activities
  • Communicate performance goals and milestone achievements

Course Outline

Why Measure Performance?

  • Purpose, benefits and applications
  • Performance indicators and planning
  • Background to Performance Measurement
  • Aspects of performance
  • Types of performance indicators

Benchmarking and Performance Indicator Measurements

  • What is benchmarking – a question of definition
  • Why do benchmarking?
  • What to benchmark?
  • Benchmark parameters
  • The “ideal” benchmark
  • Internal benchmarking
  • External benchmarking – Industry level- same market
  • External benchmarking –  Same function but not the same market
  • Global benchmarking
  • The cost of benchmarking
  • The ethics of benchmarking- how to handle secrecy and sensitive issues
  • Pitfalls and problems

Identifying and Measuring Performance Indicators

  • Criteria for identifying and selecting performance indicators
  • Prioritising critical indicators for measurement
  • Identifying and measuring critical success factors
  • Identifying and measuring performance drivers
  • Identifying and measuring the five performance objectives

Data collection and Performance Indicator Measurement

  • Sources of data for benchmarking
  • Data collection techniques for benchmarking
  • Making values of benchmarking visits
  • How to organise and manage your data
  • Making sense  of data

Maintaining  and Improving the Benchmarking and Performance Indicators Measurements Practice

  • The difference between breakthrough and continuous improvement
  • Tools  to assess your B&PIMs process
  • Tools to maintain ad improve your B&PIMs process


Investasi dan Fasilitas Training

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  • Quota minimum Running 2 peserta (jogja, Solo, Semarang) Quota minimum Running 3 peserta (Jakarta , Bandung dan Surabaya ) –  ( Untuk Manado, Bali , Batam, Pontianak, Balikpapan dan Lombok Quota minimal 4 peserta)


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