Advanced Drilling Technology

Advanced Drilling Technology

Course Description

The Advanced Drilling Technology training program will help you acquire the knowledge and management skills to advance further in your career. This program will prepare you to operate in a safe and efficient manner with respect for personnel, equipment and protection of our environment.


Course Objective

This program will enable Senior Drilling Personnel in the Operations to:

  • State the major theoretical aspects of advanced drilling
  • Apply Onshore / Offshore Drilling Techniques
  • Demonstrate and understanding of the actions required for Planning, Designing, and Managing Drilling Projects


Who Should attend?

Senior Drilling Personnel, responsible for Drilling Operations.4


Course Outline
  • Borehole Stability

Formation Compaction and Hydration forces:

o    Osmotic Phenomena

o    Chemistry

o    Components

  • Pore Pressures and Frac Gradients
    • Prediction Methods
    • Selection of Casing Seats
  • Oil Muds – Water Base Muds

Lost Circulation

o    Avoiding Lost Circulation

o    Regaining Circulation

  • Hydraulics
    • Maximizing Bit Hydraulic Horsepower and Impact Force
    • Rheology

1. Principles

2. Calculations

3. Circulating Pressure Losses

  • Factors affecting Stuck Pipe
    • Hole cleaning
    • Differential pressure sticking
    • Freeing pipe
  • Solids Control
    • Methods
    • Economic Evaluation
    • Directional well drilling
  • Principles of Buoyancy
    • Properties of Tubulars
    • Casing Design

1. Collapse

2. Burst

3. Tension

  • Drill String Design
    • Principles
    • Use
    • Stresses and Buckling of Tubulars
  • Straight Hole Drilling
    • Using Water Muds and Oil Muds
    • Drilling Rates
  • Bit Selection
    • Cementing

A. Design

B. Placement

C. Corrosion Control while drilling

o    Completion/Workover

A. Fluids – Types

B. Efficiency Drilling – Time Saving Practices

  • Case studies and group discussions
  • Group Exercises
  • Course Evaluation and Summary