This course covers business combinations and diversified companies, consolidations of financial statements, home office and branch accounting, segments, foreign currency transactions, and corporate reorganizations and liquidations.


  • Business Combinations,
  • Consolidated Inter-Company Transactions,
  • Consolidated Organizational Structures and Income Tax Considerations
  • Global Accounting
  • Bankruptcy and Partnerships


  • Arif Budiarto, Drs, M.Si, Akuntan/ Team
  • Arif finished Bachelor degree or S1 at STIE YKPN Yogyakarta, Accounting Department in 1991. Earned a Master of Science in Accounting (M. Si) of the Graduate Program, Faculty of Economics, Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta 1998 with Cum Laude achievemen. Obtaining a degree from the Professional Accountants Accounting Education Program (PPA) GMU in 2009. Professional Lecturer Certification from the Ministry of National Education Jakarta in 2009 . He have experience at Management consultant and finance at PT Wijaya Pratama, Semarang, Tax consultant at several companies in Yogyakarta and Central Java, Media Editor Journal of Accounting Research, Auditing & Information, Faculty of Economics Trisakti 2000 – present, Field of Application of Accounting Consultant and Management Consultant at IndoTrain, Jogjakarta, Field Application Consultant and Human Resource Management in Honor Notices Resources Consultant, Jakarta and other.


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