Month: May 2021

Training Terminasi Tegangan Menengah dan Jointing

Pelatihan Terminasi Tegangan Menengah dan Jointing Training Terminasi Tegangan Menengah dan Jointing – Expanded silicone rubber on removable plastic core. 3M™ Cold Shrink technology utilizes an expanded silicone rubber material on removable plastic core. The core is removed by simply unwiding. Compact Design. Because of superior material used in 3M™ Cold Shrink™ terminations, tails lengths may be reduced and less space is required. Accomodates a wide range of sizes. Because the expanded silicone material technology, one kit fits a wide range of cable sizes, resulting in reduced inventory. Superior silicone material. Silicone has unique properties as an insulator. Its smooth surface ensures that the minimum amount of contamination adheres to the surface. It is also inorganic and hydrophobi