Jadwal Training Pelatihan Diklat Bimtek Seminar Workshop 2020

Month: February 2020

Training Geotechnical Aspects of Pavements

Technical and Engineering
Geotechnical Aspects of Pavements Training Description The course covers the latest methods and procedures to address the geotechnical issues in pavement design, construction, and performance. These methods can be applied to new construction, reconstruction and pavement rehabilitation projects. The content includes geotechnical assessment, testing and characterization of in-place and constructed subgrades, as well as designing and constructing pavement subgrades and unbounded materials for paved roads. The course is designed to cover the elements of the empirical and mechanistic-empirical design approaches. It will cover asphalt pavements including granular layers and HMA mixes, specifications, and main aspects of construction. OVERVIEW After participating in this course, you will be...