Training : Project Finance Risk Management and Recovery


Euro money’s new Project Finance Risk Management & Recovery has been specifically designed as a series of structured case studies / team exercise to enable delegates to closely examine the risk management aspects on project finance, before, or, when project go wrong. Through proactive discussions and worked examples, delegated will be exposed to a wide range of factors involved in assessing, anticipating, and managing project finance risks.



  1. DAY I

  1. Project Finance Risk Management

  2. Project Finance Default History

  3. Project Finance as an Option

  4. Risk Assessment Techniques

  5. Risk Linkages

  6. Due Diligence

  7. Risk Management Measures

  8. Project Finance Modeling

  9. Forecasting

  10. Case Study

  1. DAY II

  1. Risk Management – Structuring

  2. Structuring Technique

  3. Credit Enhancement

  4. Limit Setting

  5. Role of the Credit/Investment Committee

  6. Anticipating Problem/Failures

  7. Why Projects Go Wrong

  8. Default

  9. Role of Lawyers

  10. Roles

  11. Risk Ranking

  12. Case Study

  1. DAY III

  1. Action Upon Default

  2. Lenders Concerns in a Post-Default Situation

  3. Enforcement of Security

  4. Reorganization/ Restructuring of Projects

  5. A Perspective to Workout

  6. Team Presentations

  7. World View

  8. Role of Regulator

  9. New Techniques

  10. Project Finance’s Toolkit

  11. The 8 Common Threats

  12. Case Study

  13. Conclusions and Close of Course



  • Financiers & bankers involved in project finance, investment analysis & syndicated lending

  • Project finance executives & project advisor

  • Analysts & bankers involved in structuring & evaluating project finance transactions

  • Finance directors, treasurers & project directors from corporate in any industry involved in project finance

  • Compliance officers/legal counsels involved in project finance deals

  • Risk managers from corporate/ banks with interest in project financing transactions

  • Government representatives involved in sponsoring/assessing project financings

  • Export credit & international agency staff



Dr. Slamet Haryono, S.E., M.Si., Akt / Team

  1. Formal Education :
  • 1994-1998AccountingDegree(S1) inYogyakartaWiwahaSTIEWidya
  • 2001-2003Master ofAccounting(S2) at the University ofGadjahMada University in Yogyakarta
  • 2004-2008AccountingDoctoral(S3) at the University ofDiponegoroSemarang
  1. Professional Activities
  • 2009-present: AssessorNational Accreditation Boardof Higher Education (BAN-PT)
  • 2009:Preparation of Consolidated FinancialAssistanceDistrict GovernmentKubu Rayaprovinceof WestKalimantan,
  • 2009 -present: CompetencyExamverifierAccountingSkills ProgramatSMK 1Purbalinggain Central Java
  • 2008:DraftingAssistanceBudgetand ExpenditureWest SoutheastMalukuregency,
  • 2008-present: Public AccountantAuditorinSurakarta, Central JavaPayamta

Mr. Slamet was speaker scientific activities and he is active in writing scientific papers both in books and journals.