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New Leader Development Training

Training New Leader Development Why Choose this Training Seminar? Organizations need leaders – and not just in top executive positions. Leaders are people who have the vision to see what needs to be done, and to motivate and energize people to

The Essentials of Budgeting & Cost Control

The Essentials of  Budgeting & Cost Control Training Why Choose this Course? Budgeting and Cost Control is simply a must for contemporary organisations. This interesting course help you master the most widely used internal tools for planning and monitoring activities

Creative Methods of Problem Solving and decisions Making

Creative Methods of Problem Solving and decisions Making  COURSE DESCRIPTION When faced with a problem or decision, you need the right answer—and fast. Yet, whether we realize it or not, each of us has thinking biases that can get in

Medical Records Training ( Training Rekam Medis )

DESKRIPSI Rekam medis merupakan dokumen penting dan rahasia yang berada di rumah sakit. Rekam medis mempunyai tujuan yakni dan mempunyai banyak aspek didalamnya aspek administrasi, hukum, keuangan, penelitian, pendidikan serta dokumentasi. Dengan banyak aspek yang dimiliki maka pengelolaan manajemen rekam

Leadership Skills for Supervisors

Course Overview This two-day course presents practical principles to assist supervisors and managers in their efforts to motivate and mobilize team members toward the fulfillment of team and corporate objectives, with a strong focus on interpersonal skills. Course discussions will

Management Skills for New Managers and Supervisors

Training Management Skills for New Managers and Supervisors Most new managers and supervisors are literally thrown in the deep end, but managing people require a completely different skill set than managing tasks. The transition from being an individual contributor to

QCC (Quality Control Circle)

Training QCC (Quality Control Circle) TRAINING QCC (QUALITY CONTROL CIRCLE) QCC (QUALITY CONTROL CIRCLE) yang dalam bahasa Indonesia dikenal dengan istilah GKM (Gugus Kendali Mutu) adalah kelompok kecil karyawan dari pekerjaan yang sejenis, secara berkesinambungan membahas dan menyelesaikan masalah-masalah yang

Applied Business Writing for Reports and Proposals

Applied Business Writing for Reports and Proposals Course Description This workshop will help those who want to improve their report and proposal-writing skills while improving their knowledge of how to create professional looking documents using Word. Using organizational strategies, participants

Microsoft Project Training

Microsoft Project Training COURSE DESCRIPTION Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: Identify the basic features and components of the Microsoft Project environment. Create a new project plan file and enter project information. Manage tasks by

Contract Excellence for Non-Legal Professionals

Contract Excellence for Non-Legal Professionals This course is intended to allow professionals and managers with a background other than law or contracts to better understand the processes and issues involved with contracting, and therefore improve their overall management skills. Every