Jadwal Training Pelatihan Diklat Bimtek Seminar Workshop 2020

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Developing a Reward Strategy

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Training Developing a Reward Strategy This two-day Developing a Reward Strategy course provides a practical introduction to the process of reward strategy development through action planning, case studies and group discussions. You'll gain the skills, theory and specialist knowledge needed to implement effective reward strategies, and associated processes, to build on your organisation’s success. As part of the programme you'll build the first steps to develop the reward strategy for your organisation. Who Should attend? Developing a Reward Strategy is perfect for you if you’re a senior HR or reward practitioner with responsibility for remuneration strategy, policy and development. The course is suitable for those in the private, public and voluntary sectors. You’ll discover the the

Stuck Pipe Prevention and Fishing

Oil and gas
Stuck Pipe Prevention and Fishing Stuck pipe is one of the most common and serious drilling problems. It can range in severity from minor inconvenience, which can increase costs slightly, to major complications, which can have significantly negative results, such as loss of the drill string or complete loss of the well. To avoid stuck pipe and correct it efficiently, it is important to understand the various causes and symptoms so that proper preventive measures and treatments can be taken. Preventing stuck pipe incidents can save thousands of dollars in non-productive time! Who Should Attend Drilling Engineers Drilling Supervisors && Superintendents Tool Pushers Drilling Contractors and Service Company Personnel By attending this training course, you will gain

Cost Effective Maintenance Management

Maintence - Scheduling - Planning
Cost Effective Maintenance Management Course Description Due to the importance of maintenance process to any production or service plants, maintenance management received considerable and intensive research that resulted in many procedures which are applicable for implementation everywhere. Maintenance management includes organization of maintenance resources, failure analysis, maintenance cost estimation, spare parts classification and planning, overhaul planning and management, documentation of failures and maintenance procedures, etc. Cost Effective Maintenance Management is a goal for many companies. An obvious step to achieving cost effective maintenance includes selecting the appropriate maintenance strategy Course Objectives Discuss the Maintenance Organization and Human As

Electrical Circuits and Wiring Systems

Training Electrical and Engineering
Electrical Circuits and Wiring Systems Course Description This course introduces the care and use of tools and materials used in electrical installations as well as the requirements of the National Electrical Code.  Topics include lighting, overcurrent protection, conductors, branch circuits, condelectrical, and safety and electrical blueprint reading.  Upon completion, participants should be able to properly install conduits, wiring, and electrical distribution equipment associated with basic electrical installations Course Objectives Understanding the basic electrical theories Being familiar with the codes and standards related to residential wiring Understanding electrical plans Learning how to use electrical installation tools Learning how to use materials and equipmen

Training Process Flow Auditing

Training Audit
Training Process Flow Auditing DESCRIPTION This three-day seminar you will learn how to use process flow auditing (PFA) to analyze and breakdown a business into its primary operational processes and to identify high-payback areas. You will focus on operations auditing and its interaction with IS auditing to arrive at an integrated approach to audits that will help control costs; examine operations as the source of all financial transactions; and gain an understanding of how they link one to another. You will explore the role of data in process reviews and analysis and determine how to apply business-oriented risks assessment techniques to the key processes of your organization. COURSE CONTENT Process Flow Auditing: Primary Function Understanding the Business Tools, Techniques, and Appr...