Jadwal Training Pelatihan Diklat Bimtek Seminar Workshop 2020

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Stuck Pipe Prevention and Fishing

Oil and gas
Stuck Pipe Prevention and Fishing Stuck pipe is one of the most common and serious drilling problems. It can range in severity from minor inconvenience, which can increase costs slightly, to major complications, which can have significantly negative results, such as loss of the drill string or complete loss of the well. To avoid stuck pipe and correct it efficiently, it is important to understand the various causes and symptoms so that proper preventive measures and treatments can be taken. Preventing stuck pipe incidents can save thousands of dollars in non-productive time! Who Should Attend Drilling Engineers Drilling Supervisors && Superintendents Tool Pushers Drilling Contractors and Service Company Personnel By attending this training course, you will gain


Oil and gas, Production/Reservoir
COURSE DESCRIPTION Applications for directional drilling Directional profiles Extended reach wells Survey calculations and accuracy Dogleg severity calculations and problems associated with doglegs Planning directional and horizontal wells Horizontal drilling methods and applications Logging high angle wells Hole-cleaning Multi-laterals Types of survey instruments Tools used to deflect a wellbore Torque and drag calculations Cementing YOU WILL LEARN Participants will learn how to: Make survey calculations Interpret TVD, polar and rectangular coordinates and vertical section Interpret dogleg severity and the problems associated with dogleg severity Plan a two-dimensional directional well Plan horizontal wells based on the object...