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Advanced Financial Statement Analysis

Informasi Jadwal Training : Advanced Financial Statement Analysis Objective Advanced Financial Statement Analysis will provide participants with an analytical framework and practical tools to analyze and exploit information about profitability and risk in corporate financial statements. Key benefits By attending

Advanced Business Strategies and Financial Analysis

 Jadwal training 2015 | Jadwal training 2016 | Jadwal training 2017 | Jadwal training 2018 | Jadwal training 2019 | Jadwal training 2020 Audience: Senior Corporate Management of any discipline requiring a better Understanding of   business behavior and strategic development

Training PSC Budgeting : POD, AFE, WP&B

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Business Process Mapping and Improvement

About the Programme This course is designed to enable you document, understand and improve your organization’s business processes. It will help you to gain a better understanding of what process mapping entails and ultimately, offers the disciplines and methodologies needed