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Training Analisa Keuangan

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Info Jadwal training 2016,  – JADWAL TRAINING / PELATIHAN / BIMTEK / DIKLAT / SEMINAR / WORKSHOP :  Analisa Keuangan – TERBARU BULAN  JANUARI – FEBRUARI – MARET – APRIL – MEI – JUNI – JULI – AGUSTUS – SEPTEMBER – OKTOBER – NOVEMBER – DESEMBER  Selamat datang di situs resmi Pusat Informasi Jadwal Training Indonesia – Portal Direktori Training Terlengkap dan Terbesar di Indonesia, berikut ini Jadwal Training Analisa Keuangan yang siap di registrasi dan akan diselenggarakan di berbagai kota besar di Indonesia, Lokasi Training Pilihan :  Yogyakarta, Bandung, Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Medan, Palembang, Lombok, Kupang, Balikpapan, Makasar, Malang, Batam, Semarang, dan berbagai kota besar lainnya di Indonesia. Apabila Training/Pelatihan Analisa Keuangan ini sesuai dengan kebutuhan Perusahaan anda


Training Bussines Economic Financial
FINANCE FOR NON FINANCIAL MANAGERS Venue : Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor, Surabaya, Malang, Bali, Lombok, Balikpapan, Makassar, Medan, Batam, Riau, Pontianak, Semarang, Solo, Manado. (dengan harga dan minimal kuota yang berbeda) INTRODUCTION The programme is designed to provide Non Financial Managers with a better understanding of the dynamics involved in financial management and to equip them with practical experience.  Delegates will be given the ability to interpret financial statements and use the information to make a financial decision. TARGET AUDIENCE The workshop will benefit any businessperson involved in finance requiring a theoretical understanding and practical application of financial tools, techniques, procedures and terminology. WHAT THIS COURSE CAN DO FOR

Negotiation and Documentation Of Oil Industry Transactions

Oil and gas
Negotiation and Documentation Of Oil Industry Transactions Course Description The focus of this module is about the four phases of commercial negotiations which are positioning, argumentation, emergence of consensus and final agreement or impasse. Oil industry contracts are negotiated within a framework that embodies law, economics and interpersonal skills. In this context, this module sheds light on the primary role of the negotiator in planning, negotiaiting and documenting contracts which are the embodiment of commercial transactions and relationships within the oil industry framework. Course Objectives Acquiring the foundations of contract principles in the international oil industry Training the skills required for successful negotiations to create binding commitments Und...

Advanced Business Strategies and Financial Analysis

Training Banking and Financial
 Jadwal training 2015 | Jadwal training 2016 | Jadwal training 2017 | Jadwal training 2018 | Jadwal training 2019 | Jadwal training 2020 Audience: Senior Corporate Management of any discipline requiring a better Understanding of   business behavior and strategic development Bankers requiring improved analytical skills and understanding of business Investment Fund and Venture Capital Managers Corporate Financiers particularly those responsible for origination Economists Accountants, lawyers, management and business consultants Investment Banking, Credit, Financial Control and Strategy & Development Staff Objectives: By the end of this training program, each participant will be able to: Apply the latest financial analysis and forecasting techniques Id

Budgeting and Cash Flow Forecasting and Reporting

Training Accounting and Treasury
Overview Most managers are educated and trained for their functions, not for finance.  Yet every manager is expected to understand finances well enough to make realistic budgets, manage cash, and hit his or her targets.  This workshop will provide you with the skills and tools to do this, with the aim of achieving your organization’s overall goals. LEARNING OUTCOMES Cash Flow is the lifeblood of any business. Cash is also the most important resource in any business to ensure healthy growth and business expansion. However, it is also generally the most poorly managed aspect of many organisation. Cash flow management tends to take the form of crisis management at the end of each month. A common scene that happens in many organisation every month is to search for pending invoices and wha


Oil and gas, Training Accounting and Treasury
Informasi seminar 2015 | Informasi Training 2015 | Jadwal Training terbaru 2015 | info seminar 2015 | Info training 2015 | Jadwal Seminar 2015 | Jadwal training 2015 | Jadwal Workshop 2015| Info training indonesia 2015 | Seminar Running 2015 | Training Running 2015 | In-House Training 2015 MANFAAT TRAINING Setelah mengikuti kursus ini diharapkan para peserta: Memahami prinsip dasar dan tujuan akunting Mampu menyusun jurnal, ledger, neraca dan laporan rugi – laba Mengerti tentang prosedur dan siklus akunting Memahami tugas dan tanggung jawab bagian akunting Memahami akuntasi sebagai fuungsi komunikasi dan pengembang informasi yang mendukung pengambilan keputusan ekonomi. Memberikan pengetahuan mengenai cost, cash flow, capital budgeting dan analisanya kepada peserta yang

Cash Flow Statement Preparation and Analysis

COURSE OBJECTIVES By the end of the program, participants will be able to: Grasp fundamental knowledge of an organization's cash flow. Identify the different categories of classifying sources and uses of cash flow. Prepare cash flow statements according to the latest accounting standards. Apply ratio analysis to cash flow statements.   COURSE OUTLINE Understanding Financial Statements Relationships Income Statement Balance Sheet Cash Flow Statement Latest Developments in the Accounting Standards Regarding Statement of Cash Flow Presentation of Cash Flow Presentation Fundamentals Cash and Cash Equivalents Operating Cash Flow Investing Cash Flow Financing Cash Flow Methods in Calculating Operating Cash Flow Direct versus Indirect Methods Reporting Non Cash Tra