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Open Hole Logging

Course Description This course designed with some experience with reading logs is an advantage, this course is ideal for anyone who has no prior knowledge or experience, especially newcomers to the oil industry. you will gain all the confidence you

Cased Hole Logging

Course Description This 3-day program is a comprehensive and up-to-date course covering the new and traditional wireline diagnostic techniques for the surveillance of cased wells. Cased Hole and Production Log Evaluation, plus a loose-leaf workbook, are provided to participants of

Drilling Supply Chain Management

Course Description This course is 4-days-course. The first part is an introduction to the supply chain concept and will explore the management of supply chains to improve an organization’s overall supply efficiency. The second part covers the inventory management techniques

Drilling Training

Course Description This 3 days introductory course will cover the history of directional drilling, and provide exposure to the basics associated with directional and horizontal drilling. The course will discuss both the benefits and disadvantages of directional work, along with

Carbonate Reservoirs and Seismic Characterization

Carbonate Reservoirs and Seismic Characterization Course Description This course is designed to cover the basics of Carbonate Reservoir Description and more advanced notions of Reservoir Characterisation. participants will be introduced to the basic concepts of sedimentology, diagenesis, pore geometry, and

Geostatistics and Reservoirs Modeling

Course Description This course designed to understanding the fundamental theory and practice of reservoir description and modeling for reservoir management. Participants will learn the fundamental concepts of reservoir description and modeling using geostatistical techniques. This course emphasizes the principles and

Integrated Production Modeling

Course Description The aim of this very intensive course is to develop advanced user, who will become regional and asset based experts in the whole philosophy around integrated asset modeling.  Using GAP, PROSPER and MBAL the course is designed to

Principles of Carbonate Reservoirs

Course Description This course is designed to develop skills in understanding the geometry and petrophysical characteristics of carbonate reservoirs. Depositional fabric, grain type and size and subsequent diagenetic modifications are the major controls on carbonate reservoir behaviour. The complex inter-relationship

Applied Reservoir Engineering

Applied Reservoir Engineering Course Description This course that is designed to provide the participants with a solid understanding of reservoir engineering and associated modern theories in order to manage and maximize hydrocarbon recovery. Hands-on examples and exercises are used throughout

Petroleum Engineering

Training Petroleum Engineering Course Description A course that prepares individuals to apply mathematical and scientific principles to the design, development and operational evaluation of systems for locating, extracting, processing and refining crude petroleum and natural gas, including prospecting instruments and