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Leadership Skills and Techniques

Leadership Skills and Techniques This course is designed to assist individuals in developing leadership skills that will enable them to lead from any position within an organization. Participants learn to lead with interpersonal effectiveness, influence, impact, and inspiration. Through interactive

Customer Service for Banking Professionals

Training Customer Service for Banking Professionals Customer Service for Banking Professionals Two-Day Workshop looks at a customer service encounter from the point of view of what “Customer Service Excellence” is all about. Participants will learn how their roles, attitudes, interactions

Customer Service Excellence

Training Customer Service Excellence Introduction Many companies claim that customer service is their first priority, yet few follow through on this promise. Providing exceptional customer service gives yourcompany a competitive edge. Exceptional customer service does not come from a marketing

Essential Skills for Effective Training Administration

Informasi Jadwal Training : Essential Skills for Effective Training Administration OVERVIEW Course duration: 2 days. This course will ensure that you are equipped with the essential skills to give expert support, with confidence, in the planning and preparation of training

Developing a Reward Strategy

Training Developing a Reward Strategy This two-day Developing a Reward Strategy course provides a practical introduction to the process of reward strategy development through action planning, case studies and group discussions. You’ll gain the skills, theory and specialist knowledge needed

An Introduction to Management

An Introduction to Management Training Learn how to involve and inspire teamwork to achieve organisation goals, understand the role of the manager and the responsibilities this carries, as well as your own approach to working with others and how this

Assertiveness Training for Women in Business

Assertiveness Training for Women in Business Speak out with confidence—while getting the respect you deserve Assertiveness techniques, when used effectively, can make almost every aspect of your job and life better—but knowing which tools and techniques to use, and how

Key Risk Indicators

Informasi Training : Key Risk Indicators Description This  workshop  is  aimed  at  risk  practitioners and    business    managers    who    have implemented, or are  looking to implement, a robust  and  comprehensive  key  risk  indicator (KRI)  process  within  their  organisation.  The workshop  covers 

Manajemen Penggunaan Tenaga Kerja Asing (TKA)

Manajemen Penggunaan Tenaga Kerja Asing DESKRIPSI Dalam era globalisasi yang terjadi di Indonesia ini, kita tidak dapat menghindari adanya Tenaga Kerja Asing. Tenaga Kerja Asing merupakan faktor kunci dalam perusahaan yang bermodalkan asing (Multi National Company/MNC). Banyak sekali kesulitan-kesulitan yang

Pelatihan Pengelolaan Bank Sampah

Training Pengelolaan Bank Sampah LATAR BELAKANG Pengelolaan sampah berbasis masyarakat menjadi agenda utama dalam program pengelolaan sampah di Indonesia. Keterlibatan masyarakat secara langsung dalam mengelola sampahnya, sudah gencar disosialisasikan oleh berbagai pihak dimulai dari upaya upaya mengurangi, memanfaatkan kembali sampai