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Foundations in Industrial Relations

Foundations in Industrial Relations Training Programme Overview The Foundations in Industrial Relations programme introduces HR practitioners and managers to the key aspects of the  Indonesian system of industrial relations, the stages involved in the process of negotiations and the essential

Managing Employee Relations

Managing Employee Relations Training Programme Overview: The primary objective of TCI’s Managing Employee Relations Programme is to enhance the personal awareness and management skills of front-line and middle level managers. This programme will focus on managing others at work by

Conducting Investigations within the Workplace

Conducting Investigations within the Workplace Programme Overview The Conducting Investigations programme provides participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out fair and complete investigations. This programme focuses on the practices and procedures to be followed should an investigation

Mediation Skills

Training Mediation Skills Programme Overview This programme is aimed at introducing participants to the needs, benefits and uses of mediation in the workplace. A focus of the course is on the development of practical skills which will enable participants to

Conflict Management-Persuading

Training Conflict Management-Persuading WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION Participants at this workshop will learn effective persuasion styles and how to improve their ability to influence others. The conflict management training will teach the participants how to recognize the causes of interpersonal conflict and

Strategic Planning Training

Training Strategic Planning  COURSE DESCRIPTION Effective strategic planning is essential to the future success of any organization. However, most strategic planning is lacking in vision. It is merely a straight-line extrapolation of the past into the future. In a world

Future Leaders of Industrial Harmony

Training Future Leaders of Industrial Harmony Introductions Proper economic & planning, political stability and the existence of harmonious relations between employers and workers of enterprises ensure development of a country. The state of industrial relations in country is reflected by

Leadership and Essential People Management Skills

Leadership & Essential People Management Skills COURSE DESCRIPTION People management skills top the agenda for Leaders. In almost all jobs, your people skills – also known as “soft skills” – have as much of an impact on your success as

HR for Non-HR Executives

HR for Non-HR Executives Training COURSE DESCRIPTION In most organisations Supervisors, Executives and even Managers assume that the Human Resource (HR) functions are the sole responsibility of the HR Department. This assumption would have been correct in the days when

Problem Solving Creative Mindset Skills & Skills Building

Seminar Overview What ‘value-added’ do you contribute to your organisation? It is not enough just to complete your daily responsibilities. Today’s world of knowledge workers demand that you hone your problem solving and creative skills to move forward. This is