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The Essentials of Budgeting & Cost Control

The Essentials of  Budgeting & Cost Control Training Why Choose this Course? Budgeting and Cost Control is simply a must for contemporary organisations. This interesting course help you master the most widely used internal tools for planning and monitoring activities

Training Tax Amnesty – Pengampunan Pajak

Pelatihan Tax Amnesty – Pengampunan Pajak Latar Belakang Sebagian besar pelaku bisnis Indonesia, media dan sosial media di Indonesia sedang gencar-gencarnya membicarakan Tax Amnesty. Apa sebenarnya Tax Amnesty? Apa tujuannya? Apa manfaatnya? Apa resikonya bagi pengusaha jika tidak menjalankannya? Apakah

Asset Management

Training Asset Management Today’s property managers work hand-in-hand with asset managers and often serve as asset managers themselves. Expert education gives professionals the capability to build value in real estate assets, providing confidence to investors, owners, and building tenants. Make

Fundamentals of Facility Management Training

Fundamentals of Facility Management   COURSE DESCRIPTION Successful facilities managers must have business savvy supported by a broad scope of technical knowledge. This course provides the base from which to build a career in facilities management. You will learn how

Assertiveness Training for Women in Business

Assertiveness Training for Women in Business Speak out with confidence—while getting the respect you deserve Assertiveness techniques, when used effectively, can make almost every aspect of your job and life better—but knowing which tools and techniques to use, and how

Advanced Financial Statement Analysis

Informasi Jadwal Training : Advanced Financial Statement Analysis Objective Advanced Financial Statement Analysis will provide participants with an analytical framework and practical tools to analyze and exploit information about profitability and risk in corporate financial statements. Key benefits By attending

Key Risk Indicators

Informasi Training : Key Risk Indicators Description This  workshop  is  aimed  at  risk  practitioners and    business    managers    who    have implemented, or are  looking to implement, a robust  and  comprehensive  key  risk  indicator (KRI)  process  within  their  organisation.  The workshop  covers 

Process Management: Applying Process Mapping to Analyze and Improve Your Operation

Process Management: Applying Process Mapping to Analyze and Improve Your Operation You can develop the best business strategy and hire the best talent but without the right process management you could still fail! This process management seminar provides you with

Corporate Governance, Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Governance, Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Course Descriptions The course aims to develop an understanding of the underlying concepts of Corporate Governance, business ethics and CSR which are relevant to the contemporary business environment. It is designed to